for the past 20 years i have listened to industrial music, and have been pretty good about keeping tapes and cd's in good condition. being fanatical at several points in my life, i've bought almost everything possible from the artists i liked, usually the more obscure the better. the current physical cd collection sits at a bit over 400, but with the wonders of high-speed internet and the help of a legal download service called emusic, lord only knows how many albums i currently am at. why does anyone need so much music, you ask? well i work in the video game industry and sit in front of a computer for 10-12+ hours a day, my grado 125 headphones powered by a good amp, and my big fat pile of music keeps me sane.

so i first burned all 400+ cd's and stored them on a portable hard drive, then raped emusic blind with their no-longer-existent $15 a month unlimited downloads plan. then burned everything back off onto cd's as mp3 files so i could take them anywhere portable hard drives were not allowed. anal? yep, but i like my tunes....

anyway, its all organized alphabetically below, and links were added to allMusic... enjoy..