On April 1st I flew to Tokyo Japan for a 5-day business trip. I know, its a long way to go, for only a few days, but whatever, I just do what I'm told. I stayed on the 34th floor of the Akasaka Prince Hotel just down the street from the official residences of both leaders of the Diet. The cherry blossoms were at the peak of their blooming, and my boss sent me on a HatoBus tour of the city my first day. thanks again Mark.

While in Akasaka, I captured a few light probes. These are 3 of the best ones. The subway is the only one that doesnt have a large dynamic range, but it looks cool, so it's included. These are low dynamic range sample images (click image for a large version) If you want to download the HDR versions, or if you want to know what the hell these things are used for, then click here, thanks.

A few panoramic images were taken as well. The daytime one was taken from the top of the Tokyo Tower, and the nighttime one was the view from my hotel room. There is a bit of glare since I couldnt find a way onto the roof, so I ended up shooting through the windows.

click for a larger image, but not the original, its huge... 8,100 x 3,760 pixels...
click for a larger image, but not the original, its huge...13,300 x 2,250 pixels...

The following pages are snapshots that I took while on the tour, and wandering around the city. Over the next couple of days I will be adding captions to all the images, so check it out again soon, thanks.

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