PC games

I was hired to work primarily on EVE: Online with the character team to introduce characters for the first time into the EVE universe. I joined a team that consisted of several superstars, Steven Stahlberg, Jeff Miller, Sven Juhlin, and several others. My job was to rig the characters that these guys created, and work with the tools and animation team using my experience to help build a pipeline for their integration.

In addition to working on the EVE project, we were working on getting characters and creatures added to the World of Darkness (WoD) pre-production environment. This involved numerous different types of characters, clothing assets, and creature prototypes. Much of the technology with EVE was shared and co-developed with WoD simultaneously. This was a fun project to be part of since the look and feel was very different from the EVE universe, while still sharing a lot of technology.

My involvement with DUST was minimal at best. I only add it since I worked with Jeff Miller one some mesh and character optimization and some prop integration. He was a ton of fun to work with.