Fashion Week 2011
CCP was asked to help create a virtual runway show for 2011's New York Fashion Week with Zombieboy, Nicola Formichetti (Lady Gaga's fashion director), and our in house fashion designers. It was a short timeframe project involving the the CCP fashion team, background team, animation team, and the character artists. Nicola designed some clothing, the fashion team shaped it and prepared it for 3D, the character team modeled it and recreated Zombieboy's look, the animation team created mocap for the runway, the environment team created a stage, all using the standard character rig and skinning I created. It was a great opportunity for everyone involved to work on a high profile project.

Here is the digital 'Zombieboy' created using our standard tools, click for the link to the NY Times article
japanese cherry blossoms

Leslie Minnis

click to view part of the video used at fashion week.

Additional videos showing behind the scenes, and making of the presentation.