World of Darkness creature prototype
This was a simple rig setup as a creature quadruped test. The main focus was to see how it would work in our system which was primarily focused on bipeds at th time. I wanted to make sure we could get some effects that would add some realism, and creepyness to the haunches that the animators could use to express the size and and mass of the character. It was later used to test the connections between Maya and Motionbuilder in 2012, which worked amazingly well.

Olafur (animator) wanted some good secondary controls on the haunches to express the mass that would primarily be automated, but with layered abilities to handle secondary jiggle and sliding. This is what I came up with a week or so of testing.

The basic walk cycles.

The haunches had layers of controls. They were automated to simulate sliding across the ribs without needing animators to do anything specific. There was also a value from 0-1 to control the amount of sliding, and on top of that, there was a control to add jiggle or secondary reaction if the animator choose to use it.

Model by Steven Stahlberg, animation by Olafur Olafson.