luxology modo
these images were created by artists other than myself, however i unknowingly had a small part in the creation of each. for fun i create HDR light probe images and post them on my website. recently i was called out of the blue by Brad Peebler asking permission to use my light probes in the new release, saying that the beta testers had been using them in their test scenes. i immediately agreed, we nailed down some details, and boom. unparent probes packaged in with modo.

anyway, like i said, these images were all created by other artists, and each image will have the credit for said artist. this gallery is mainly for my own fun to see what kinds of images my HDR probes can create. now not every scene is using the probe as the sole light source, but some are. so if you are using modo, and render something cool with any of the unparent light probes, send me an image, and i may post it. otherwise i will just scour the forums and grab the images myself. ;)